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Designed by an international family business to suit their needs and those of like minded individuals – people for whom business, travel, family and fun often blur into one – the Parkview Private Collection offers exceptional way points across the globe. Available on an exclusive basis, it includes an historic private hotel estate in the Bay of Saint-Tropez and a yacht inspired by an ancient Chinese warhorse.

Over time Parkview Private Collection will add more stars to its constellation: places, spaces, experiences and adventures that are all very much out of the ordinary.


The Parkview Group is a conglomerate of private companies.
Its roots lie in the Chyau Fwu Group, a pioneering construction and development business founded in Taiwan in the 1950s.

The driving force behind the Parkview Group is the core philosophy of creating and delivering landmark destinations and setting new benchmarks for quality, innovation and sustainability.

The Parkview Group today has diverse investments in
Europe and Asia ranging from the high end residential and commercial developments, cutting-edge construction and materials research facilities to arts organisations. The company’s most recent venture is Parkview Green Beijing which has been recognised as the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certified development in China.

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